WhatsApp Share Your Location Live

WhatsApp presents a new feature: you can share your live location with your friends to reach you more easily.

How to share your live location on WhatsApp

To share your geolocation on WhatsApp, you must:

  • Access a conversation, private or in a group
  • Tap the attachment icon, like to send a file
  • In “Location”, a new option has appeared!
  • Click on “Share Live Location” and you’re done

You can choose how long your location is shared with your friend or group of friends on WhatsApp. You can also stop sharing your location at any time. This is your live geolocation: if you move, your friends are aware: they can follow you on WhatsApp. In a discussion, in private or in a group, if several people share their live location, everyone is displayed on the same map.

WhatsApp says that “Live localization is available on Android and iPhone and will be released in the coming weeks.” Already available on Facebook Messenger, this feature should be convenient to join friends or share a ride.

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