Tips to Screen Android Developers

Today the whole world runs on electronic devices. From big business deals, hiring, share market, shopping, household work, entertainment, etc., and what not. You name it and it is available and done through these devices. And what has taken over these electronic devices is the Android Operating System. And due to this, the demand of engineers and android developers has increased in the IT firms. The skills of Android developer are in great demand which is expected to grow further as huge numbers of mobile phones and tablets add to the markets every year.

As the demand for android developers has grown, the recruitment becomes tough for employers and HR managers. With huge number of competitors in the market, you need to recruit the best before other firms steal your candidate. In the recruitment and selection process, the most time goes in the screening process. There are ways you can cut down the length of this process with the help of various tests like aptitude tests, personality tests, android online test, etc. Here are some tips for you to screen Android Developers efficiently and effectively.

What you need to know about android as a recruiter?

  • Android is most popular operating system mainly used in tablets and mobile phones. The source code is developed by Google under AOSP (Android Open Source Project).
  • It can be installed on tablets as well as other embedded devices such as TVs or also known as Android TV, displays in cars (Android Auto) or even watches (Android Wear).
  • Architecture of the android platform i.e., the processes and threads that are launched with app start-up. Ways in which application communicates with the system.
  • Basic components like service, fragment, intent, activity, broadcast receiver, etc.
  • Design patterns which allow apps to extend, test and get easily managed.
  • Rules of efficient views creation, and creation of custom views which are reusable.
  • Standard library that is popular for supporting application creations, such as Google Play Services, Retrofit, OkHTTP, etc.

How to Screen Android developers

A candidate’s CV is the first platform that provides much information. But they are only helpful if you know what the most important information is. When you are an IT recruiter, you must be aware what you are looking for in the resume. The most valuable information in resume of a android developer candidate are:

  • Number of applications that he/she releases on Google Play.
  • Go through those applications if they are still available and see how they look, work and the number of download it has.
  • Check the team of the Android developer and how large it was. What role did the other team members play?
  • Certificates that the candidate has in Android applications
  • Check for knowledge of patterns, certificates, workshops in java programming.
  • Look for previous experiences and in which areas they actually have experience and the role they played.

The Next Step Can Be Android Online Test

There are many companies that provide you with programming tests, coding and pattern tests. These are tests, which help you to screen the android developers, their knowledge, and skills. While there are also certain firms that provide an infrastructure to create a customized programming test in your own as per your needs. The ready to use tests are generally taken online and the tests that you create can be both online or offline whatever suits your requirement.

These tests also help to verify the information that is provided in the resume.

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