The right way to leave an impression – Top 5 Ads in the YouTube leaderboards

Any brand in the world continues to see the day of light every day because of one reason — its consumers. They are the driving force that keep on coming back to a particular or their favourite brand even with many other similar brand options, simply because they connect to it. An impactful message not only sends out your motive but also develops an emotional connection with people. There is no doubt that people connect visually more than any other form and with every passing year, more and more are reaching out with new an innovative ways to connect with their brands.

Here is a list of 5 Ads in year 2017 that successfully made a lasting impression on people’s mind.

LG — #LifeIsGood

We know how simplified our lives have become, all because of Technology. We are able to complete more tasks in a day with the help of smartphones, television, home appliances, etc. LG celebrated its 20 year anniversary narrating a tough yet beautiful journey of a mother-daughter duo spanning over a period of time.


You can’t stop yourself from click on an Ad that has Deepika Padukone in it. So when she explains her Aunt the benefits of having Goibibo contacts, her Aunt gives an adorable reply. Watch their interesting conversation unfold here.

Dettol — #MaaMaane Dettol Ka Dhula

The calm before a baby arrives in a parent’s life is amazingly explained in this Ad. Dettol takes us on an anxious mother’s train of thoughts and how it is ready to be of their service at any required emergency.

Panasonic Smart Phones“Kyuki Diwali Sirf Ek Tyohaar Nahi Hai” Ft. Piyush Mishra

Diwali is not just a festival for Indians but is much more than that. It is about laughing with your loved ones, sharing stories, showing gratitude to people whom you care about through gifts. With Piyush Mishra’s moving poetry in the background, this ad strikes the right chord with every Indian.

Amazon — #ApniDukaan

Amazon understands that how difficult it is to get items for your home. Especially when what you want is something special and unique. With #ApniDukaan, Amazon has brought everything that you need to make your house complete on your tips.

All these ads have one thing in common, i.e., they are not just talking about the product. There is a story or a journey or a joke or an anecdote attached to it. And that’s what makes these advertisements the best of 2017.

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