The 11 Main Advantage Of A Bespoke Software

Many companies use customized software (ERP, management module, intranet, extranet, customer area, EDI …) because of its many advantages. Custom software is computer software developed solely for the specific needs of a business based on the characteristics and needs of the business. As every business is different, custom software will fit.

The purpose of a tailor-made software is to improve productivity and / or turnover and consequently to allow a better ROI (return on investment) compared to a “standard” software that is not 100% suitable for ‘business.

Customized software has many advantages: better management, saving time, productivity, turnover, cost reduction … But it is useful to go into more detail on the contributions of this type of software.

Centralization of information / no loss of information

Indeed, the information is present in a single tool which avoids disparate or outdated information. It also avoids switching from one tool to another (from one software program to another, or from one Excel document to another). This facilitates the storage and analysis of information.

    • for example traceability of the customer follow-up / commercial reminders,

    • elimination of possible multiple entries (multiple Excel files)

Better information and satisfaction of third-party customers or suppliers

Indeed, the purpose of the customized software may be to achieve quick and effective communication with partners (for example, EDI). The information is reliable, the quality of the services provided is superior, which brings added value.

Better management and leadership capacity by leaders

Customized software provides a real-time, global view of all important business indicators if desired. Managers and managers have at their disposal software that synthesizes information and allows its analysis. This greatly reduces the possibility of management errors and improves the efficiency of the decisions made. Indeed, an application perfectly adapted to a company will be an essential tool for the decision-making of business leaders because it will provide relevant information on which leaders can rely.

Productivity gains

All information is easily and quickly available in a single tool developed specifically for the company for maximum efficiency. There are also the following productivity gains: rapid information analysis capability, reliable information, ability to perform more efficient and fast actions (customer recovery, after-sales service, etc.).

Mobility and Availability

The tools can be visible to any authorized person anywhere, 7 days a week, 14 hours a day. They adapt to mobility because the custom-made software made today are mostly made in cloud mode and are therefore accessible by going on the internet using a secure connection.

Reliable and real-time indicators and dashboards

Many management dashboards can be set up quickly and efficiently. The data is updated in real time. The data and analyzes collected are much easier to harvest than in any Excel document. In addition, analysis updates are done automatically.

The data processing time is reduced

Indeed, the data is grouped in a single medium and the analyzes can be done quickly (and they can even be set up to update in real time).

An opportunity to dematerialize documents and customer relations

The dematerialization of the documents makes it possible to reduce the costs, to reduce the administrative heaviness, but also the necessities of storage of the information. Not to mention, that it allows to analyze information easily. This avoids the loss of information related to paper documents, errors in information updates not made and also reduces the response time vis-√†-vis partners …

Better business management

Having a customized software for commercial management allows a better turnover. The customized software (crm, management of the after sales service …) allows a better efficiency in the prospection of new customers (management of the sales force) and the loyalty of the existing customers (to improve the knowledge and management of the customer history, the realization of a stimulus tool, personalized campaigns based on customer profiles …).

Strong scalability

The standard software can not evolve. On the other hand, the customized software can be modified at any time by an IT service provider in order to adapt to changes in the company over time, for the sake of optimal efficiency. On the contrary, adding specific developments to standard software is difficult, and communicating different standard software is almost as much.

Do not pay for unused features

As the software is developed for the company, the company will not have to pay for unnecessary development. Whereas in the case of standard software, there will be elements of the software that the company will not use.

In conclusion

To summarize, it must be said that more software will adapt to the company more it will be profitable. Indeed, it will bring many more benefits, but it will have much less disadvantages than a standard software

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