Specifice Software The 8 Reasions To Take The Plunge!

Specific software also known as custom software or custom development is the development of custom software for a company or organization. There are many reasons to have a specific software, we will list them and explain them below.

Specific software: avoid red tape

Customized software is precisely designed to reduce heaviness and save time. Either your business does not have an IT tool yet, and there will inevitably be productivity gains in using a tool. Either you may be using a standard tool that is too complicated or not well suited to the business, and the custom-made software will make things simpler. You may be using no software or just basic software like Excel. You may be tired of wasting time looking for information in various places or having to enter information in various places.

Specific software: avoid the loss of information

Indeed, when you do not use any management software, you use other tools such as paper. As a result, some information is lost. It’s very common in sales. Sales people who do not use software for commercial crm and management will note the information on paper. When they leave the company, most of the time a lot of information is lost by the company. It is common to hear that business customers must recommend their relationship with the company to zero when the business changes because no computer history exists. This does not help the credibility of the company.

Specific software: avoid paying for features you do not use pa s

Standard software does not fit the business. Some may allow you to take some options but you will most of the time have basic features that you will not use either because there is no point in doing so or because they are not suitable for the company. So you pay for features that you do not use. We must not forget that in the case of a standard software is not the software that suits you but you who adapt to the software.

Specific software: stop depending on software changes by the designer

Standard software is sold to a large number of companies. The provider will make changes over time. Business customers will benefit. They will have to adapt to these changes, whether they want it or not.

Specific software: will maximize return on investment

Specific software will fit you. The objectives will be to lower costs, reduce delays, increase productivity in general and / or increase turnover. All this contributes to the return on investment.

Specific software: stop inappropriate standard software

The standard application is made for the purpose of being useful for the majority of companies. Sector-specific software is available for business sectors. Nevertheless, there will inevitably be elements of the software that do not correspond to the procedures and methods of the company. It will be necessary not to use these parts of the software or change the procedures of the company so that the software can be fully useful.

Specific software: avoid the cost increases according to the number of users

It is often said that small businesses located in a low-tech and geographically undeveloped sector are the companies that need the least software. This is pretty reductive but it makes sense. Indeed, the standard software by subscription, have packages that increase according to the number of users of the software. Rates can quickly rise if many employees of the company are led to use this tool. It may be useful to analyze the interest of using a custom developed tool.

Specific software: have a software that evolves with your company

Indeed, in essence a specific software can evolve if you decide to make it evolve. This is the goal. Standard software can not evolve with you. This may be the main problem of a standard software.

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