Software Devlopment 5 Things To Know

Any company has always dreamed of having its own management software adapted perfectly to its activity and its situation, in short to have a customized software. This is perfectly possible and many companies do it. For everything to go well, you need to know 5 things that we will detail below.

Software development: check the utility of the software need

Indeed, a software development is expensive. We must therefore make sure of his interest. A previous article tells you the benefits of having a custom software . You have to check if the software that the company already has is not enough. Maybe you just need to modify the existing software or add a feature. Maybe the so-called “standard” software of the market are sufficient. It depends on the need and the company. Once these elements are verified, you can embark on the realization of a specification.

Software development: be precise on the specifications

Most of the discontent of companies about a software program comes from poorly written specifications. By this we mean that it is too imprecise, that the objectives are unclear, or that the features are poorly specified. There may also be a poorly defined budget or an absence or bad estimate of deadlines.

Software development: Choosing the right provider

This is very subjective and has been treated in more detail in another article ( choice of IT development provider ). To summarize, the right provider is the one who will identify and implement the software for your needs. It’s easier said than done. The software is made-to-measure, it is a question of starting from scratch every time.

Software development: know the time of realization

The realization of a software takes time. Between a few days and several years. It depends on the type of software (simple small module for a small structure, or ERP for a large company). The most time-consuming activity is the development of computer software coding. Of course, beforehand there will be the fixing of the specifications and the realization of a model. And will follow the start of production and any additional services

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