Omni Channel Offering Robust Retailing Solutions

In a cut-throat competitive ecosphere, it is hard to find two retailing giants not following similar strategies or systems. But this is the sort of the environment where innovation and pioneering ideas are blooming and there are many examples of genius. In a marketplace that is both offline and online, most retailers have to come up with really efficient and innovative solutions. Omni channel retail is a booming concept, almost every big retailer has their hands on it and theyre not afraid to try out new Omni channel retail strategies. Some examples of extremely good retail solutions are:

  • Many big retailers like Van Heusen are introducing new concepts like virtual trial rooms, where one can try out an outfit in a virtual image of him or she and then have it already placed in a real-life trial room should they wish to try it out there as well.
  • Stores like Harrods in the United Kingdom, and Carrefour in Belgium have introduced I-Pad purchasing unit where one can find detailed info-graphics on the product and place an order as well. This unique solution is now a staple in almost every big retail chain.
  • Timberland, an apparel company based in the United States, were the first to introduce a connected store where one uses NFC chips in the stores shelves and walls as well as an NFC reader in their mobile devices to give users a host of information on the products and their availability, it also helps shoppers add certain items to their cart. NFC is an instantaneous connection between two devices and such utilization is a win-win for an omni channel retailer.
  • A sporting goods company named Orvis whose main items are fly-fishing gear, sport apparel and pet supplies found that their customer base were people 50 and above. So they redesigned their app to help streamline an easier service system for their employees. They introduced an in-house app for all employees called APTOS through which an employee can place an order and even customize further suggestions based on the customers past shopping history and their loyalty.
  • Many retailers have also introduced a QR scanning based service in stores so a customer can readily add the product to their cart or have it delivered to their doorstep. This is system is gaining momentum and many supermarket chains have also adopted this strategy.

Retailing giants have their task cut out, stay in the competition or perish. With an ever-increasing number of competitors and rivals, it is critical for retailers to come up with new solutions or adopt trending ones in a good and sustainable manner. Omni channel in retail is of utmost importance in this connected 21st century, and with a non-stop rise in technological innovation it is opening up new avenues in online retail which companies and conglomerates can use to capitalize on. The newest technology to come on the scene is virtual reality, which seeks to explore and create an entirely new world of an immersive online shopping experience.

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