Mapping Technology Trends In 2017

Here is the chart Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies  2017 edition.

At the top of the wave (the technologies we talk about the most, which sometimes promise more than they will bring in the future), we find IOT platforms, virtual assistants, connected home, deep learning, machine learning and autonomous vehicles. These are the news, although they will reach the general public in more than 10 years. Deep learning and machine learning technologies, combined with artificial intelligence, are set to become more widespread (within 2 to 5 years).

Artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, networks …

The trends identified by Gartner can be grouped into three categories: artificial intelligence, immersive experiences and digital platforms. Among the most mature AI technologies are deep learning, machine learning, smart dusts and artificial general intelligence (AGI). On the side of immersive experiences, only virtual reality seems close to maturity. 4D printing (like 3D printing, with a notion of transformation over time, depending on the environment in particular), direct neural interfaces (brain-computer interface), augmented human and volumetric display in 3D, however, are far from entering homes. Finally, on the platform side,

In his study, Gartner says, “Businesses will continue to face a rapid acceleration of technological innovations, which will have a strong impact on how they manage business relationships, customers and partners. The three technology trends identified will create new experiences with unmatched intelligence, and platforms that will allow businesses to connect to new business ecosystems, to become competitive over the next 5 to 10 years

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