How to free my mobile phone

The phone companies typically have locking devices that sale so that only can be used from that operator. However, there is a way to release them. In some cases and, depending on the mobile brand, the process to follow is quite simple; in others it can be a very complicated process. If you still do not know the complexity of your device and wish to free your phone.

You will need to:

  • A Mobile phone.

Steps to follow:

1   The IMEI is the international identification code of your mobile, and you will need it to be able to unlock your device. Dial * # 06 # with your phone to get your IMEI code. Write it on a piece of paper when it appears on the screen.

Has not it worked for you? If the first step has given you problems, you should know that another way to get the IMEI code is by consulting the manufacturer’s label. Normally these digits are located under the battery, as well as in the original box of the terminal packaging. If this way you cannot find it either, we recommend that you consult our article how to know the IMEI code of my mobile.

2  The first method you should try to try to free your cell phone or mobile will be to contact the telephone operator or company to which the terminal in question belongs, and since 2014 free phones are being sold or the codes of release are offered to those who bought them before this date.

So, call the customer service telephone number of the telephone company to which that mobile is associated and, providing them with the IMEI code that you obtained in the previous step, they will be able to provide you with a code to unblock the mobile and use it with a SIM of any kind. Another operator.

3     Another way you can try to free your phone will be to first turn off the phone and remove the SIM card. Without reinserting the card, turn on the device and wait for it to ask you to insert it. It is now when you will need to enter the IMEI code to be able to release it. However, each brand of mobile and model has different requirements, so you will need to make different steps to free your mobile.

4   In case you want to release a mobile phone from a specific company, below we will discover the different methods you should follow according to your operator:

To release a Yogi mobile phone: in order to do so you will have to access the special section of the Yogi website that is adapted to make the phone totally free. Once there, you should follow the steps indicated.

Release a mobile from Movistar: to be able to release a device from this company you should know that the procedure is somewhat slower and, in fact, you have to call 1004 with your IMEI number to be able to do this process.

Unlocking a Vodafone mobile: you will have to enter the Vodafone website and enter your “My Vodafone” device following this link. Here you will have to locate the option of “My mobile and SIM” and then click on the “Release mobile” option.

Unlocking an Orange mobile: you will have to access the customer area of ​​this company and, here, contact by email putting subject 1 “My mobile”, then “Free my mobile” and in this way you can make the request.

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