Gmail Improves With Add Ons: Trello, Asana, Streak

Google announces the launch of new features on Gmail, for professionals. You can enable add-ons on Gmail to integrate the tools you use every day, like Trello, Asana and Streak.

A marketplace of Gmail add-ons

To access Gmail extensions, you have two options:

  • On Gmail, click on the gear (right) to access the menu, then click “Download Add-ons”.
  • You can also access the Gmail Marketplace via this direct link:

Gmail add-ons are available to business users (G Suite) but also to individuals who simply use Gmail free email.

Web and Android compatible add-ons

Compared to Chrome extensions, the add-ons have a definite advantage: they are compatible with the web version of Gmail and the Android application. Just activate the Gmail add-on to access it from the web or your Android smartphone.

The modules available at launch are: Asana, Dialpad, DocuSign (soon), Hire, Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing, ProsperWorks, RingCentral, Smartsheet, Streak, Trello and Wrike. If you use one of these services and Gmail, it is advisable to activate the module for easier access to the tool from Gmail. With Trello, for example, you can convert an email to a map in just a few clicks.

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