Digital Skills A Competitive Advantage For 69% Of Employees In The Workplace

In the report  Digital transformation and life at work  Bruno Mettling HR Director of Orange draws up an inventory of the effects of digital transformation in companies and recommends professional training as a solution to deal with this change. We tell you more! 

If we know that 90% of employees are impacted by digital in their business and skills, a new study comes to highlight the effects of digital in business and the need to acquire and develop new skills.

Indeed, in his report ”  Digital transformation and life at work  “, Bruno Mettling HR Director of Orange stresses the importance of mobilizing the means of training to support the inevitable digital mutation within the company. It must be said that for 69% of employees, the development of digital skills is considered a competitive advantage for their company (VMware source “The future of digital skills”).

“Recommendation # 1: Mobilize the means of training to support the digital transition. “

Mobilizing the means of training is absolutely essential to the success of the digital transformation.

This is even the number one recommendation among the 36 proposed by the study to “accelerate and succeed in the digital transformation of companies”: “Training must be a recurrent and sustainable effort: as new technologies are constantly bursting into the world. company, forcing employees to upgrade their skills on a regular basis, as this movement does not aim to stabilize itself “.

Development of a digital culture, development of a suitable managerial culture, education in the use of tools, implementation of training devices … are as much effort to be made as quickly as possible, as jobs like business models »Are too impacted! And for good reason, the deficit of digital skills is a major obstacle to digital transformation according to 31% of companies, attests another McKinsey survey in this same report.

Driven with agility and speed, the development of digital education through initial and continuous training is also giving professionals access to the multitude of new jobs brought by digitalization.

More than ever necessary to avoid the deskilling of employees, whatever the sector, the company and its size, training now has an offer adapted to the rapid evolution of trades and uses.

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