Contents included in GXR-8CH01 Smart Surveillance System

In today’s era theft has become quite common. Thus it is essentially required to keep our desired place secure enough from the outside theft to that. This theft can be in any form either to destroy the same or to take it away from us. In both the cases, one needs to be ensured that they are keeping it secure enough from them.


Smart Surveillance System is a kind of system which is utilizing the latest technology in order to ensure the desired level of security at the desired location. It will help to ensure that constant monitoring takes place at the desired location. This will help to identify any of the suspicious activity immediately by means of some of the techniques which are utilized in the system.

Contents of GXR-8CH01 Smart Surveillance system

GXR-8CH01 Smart Surveillance System is ensuring the desired level of security by means of providing a constant feed of the location over our mobile, tablet or PC. Here we are discussing some of the contents which come with this system and helps in maintaining the desired level of security at the location.

  1. Channel AHD DVR: This is a device which will be helping to continuously record all the live video feed and also analyzing the same is an important part of the surveillance system. These video feed will either be recorded on the solid state drive or over the DVDs which will be further be stored.
  2. Indoor/outdoor cameras: These cameras will be monitoring the desired location by means of video. They will be supplying the desired video feed to the Television or for recording purpose.
  3. Remote Control: This device will be used for controlling Channel AHD DVR remotely. It will be having corresponding buttons which can control various operations or record, pausing, scanning and many others. It will thus help in proper controlling of the complete surveillance operation.
  4. Adapter: This will be used for charging the batteries which will be used in various remote devices.
  5. Camera Cables: These cables are used to connect the cameras to the live television or the recording device. They have developed these cameras quite efficient enough that they can transmit desired information quite effectively with minimum distortion and time.
  6. Way Camera Splitter: This will be used for splitting the way over which cameras are arranged by the means of performing the constant surveillance.
  7. Driver: This device is very important among all as it will contain various details about how to run the complete system. It will help to connect various devices and make them run smoothly thereby giving the best possible output from the same. Even it will be used in case of encrypting and decrypting the information which is sent between different gadgets.


Thus we can say that there are many components provided in the GXR-8CH01 Smart Surveillance system and each is having its own role to play in the surveillance. When all these components are properly combined it will result in best possible output with a maximum level of security being ensured. This one will have the system running in a way which will be keeping all the desired security data effectively and efficiently in addition to scanning them.

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