Choice Of The Provider In Computer Devlopment!

How to choose the company that will develop your software? This is a question that many entrepreneurs are asking themselves. The answer is in the article below. Having software made by a computer development company brings a lot of benefit. We have already discussed in a previous article ( the 11 main advantages of a custom software ) But it is a decision heavy, we must choose the company. The selection criteria can be numerous. It is necessary to identify among these criteria, those which are more or less important according to your needs. We will list them and you will necessarily find your happiness. You will then have to arbitrate. We remind that the developed software can be ERP (to know more: to know all about the ERP), management modules, EDI, Intranet, Extranet, Online Customer Center …

Features and technologies known by the IT development company

Indeed, there are many features like PhP, Javascript … To ensure that the software can evolve later and without any dependence vis-à-vis the designer (possibility to make changes by another computer scientist), Make sure that the software is made in a coding that is easy to use. This is called maintainability. In addition, if you want to modify an existing software, it is necessary that the computer development company knows the functionalities of the software.

The tariff of the computer development company

Of course, the price difference between companies will be one of the criteria of choice of the provider. Nevertheless, it is not always wise to choose the cheapest provider. That’s why we advise you to look at the other elements of the article. A low price can hide a lack of experience, a lower quality of the software provided …

Return on investment

It is sometimes difficult to define in advance the level of profitability of the software. The factors are so numerous … We must even try to estimate it.

Good technical skills in back-end development

The back-end is the realization of database and tools not visible to the Internet user, unlike the front-end. It is necessary to estimate the skills of the computer development company. Indeed, some providers of website creation offer to realize all types of development, so also the development of software. As this is not their main business and it is relatively different from the realization of a website itself, it is necessary to ensure their skills and experiences in the field. Sometimes it is better to choose a provider that only software.

An IT development company producing evaluable software

Indeed, it is necessary that the developer uses a language of development and a coding very used, as for example Zend Frameworks … Indeed, too many developers code without known models. Therefore, another computer scientist who would like to modify the software will have a lot of trouble doing it and it will take him at best a lot of time. And, time is money.

The duration and time of completion of the project

It is necessary to know the duration that the provider will put to realize the software. In addition, you need to know the delivery date of the software. Indeed, IT projects take time, providers sometimes have trouble doing several projects at the same time. So you have to know when the company can actually have the software. From there, you will be able to evolve if you can wait this delay and if this delay will not cost you money.

Quality of advice and follow-up during the project  

This is particularly important when finalizing the specifications. The company wishing a custom software will need to be a consultant. The quality of the advice will depend on the quality of the software provided.It therefore requires a provider capable of providing advice. This requires listening skills, analysis and also that they have time to devote to that. In addition, you will often need to know the status of the project at any time.The provider in this case must be able to give you the information you want at any time.

The ability to participate in the drafting of specifications 

Some providers only perform the services and wait for the specifications to be fulfilled. Others propose to help in drawing up the specifications if the company wishes it. If you have trouble developing this document or have doubts, it is better to deal with the second solution.

Experience in creating the type of customized software wanted 

There are many different types of specific software (ERP, software ensuring communication between companies …). Each type of application has IT features. Taking a claimant who has already done this type of benefit is an insurance of result.


There are two concepts in this word. On the one hand, we talk about the possibility of regularly making points, of being easily accessible (on the phone, by email …). We also talk about the ability to be geographically close to your business. This allows on the one hand to have a physical relationship with the provider (which is reassuring and often allows to have a better quality of service), and to have access to training of users …


The fact that the company is known is a criterion of choice like any other.It can be known by the general public or experts in the field. Nevertheless, notoriety is not the guarantee of a quality service.

A good image 

It must of course that the company has a good image (good quality, efficiency …). This can range from E-reputation (check on the Internet what is said about the company), as do old customers, or professionals in the sector, or even the general public.

Recommendation of knowledge 

This is different from the notoriety because the company can be little known but make benefits of very good quality. If the recommendation is sincere and well-founded, it is an excellent choice of provider.

Tracking and maintenance capacity 

This is a very important criterion. The software is made to measure, there will necessarily be maintenance to do (corrective or to improve the tool later). The best provider for this maintenance is the one that the software has built. However, all the providers creating the creation do not necessarily do the maintenance. If this is not the case, it is advisable to look for a new provider.

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