Big Words For Great Remedies

The content of your site is a set of answers, ie affirmative sentences (like, for example, the sentence you are reading).

Two difficulties related to your formulation may prevent users from finding your site:

– The user does not use the same vocabulary as you. It searches ” improve Google position ” while your page contains: ” Optimize its ranking in the search engines .” He will not find you. Try to reformulate your sentences in different forms within your pages. Also use all the possibilities outlined in our relevance chapter to include as many synonyms in your pages as possible.

– The user (especially if he is a beginner) types a question, whereas your site contains only answers. He is looking for “How to improve ranking?” while your site contains “Succeed to improve your ranking”. The words “how” and “succeed” used in the search are not found in your pages and your site will not be considered relevant to this search. So try to formulate your titles in the form of questions, this can earn you several positions in the results!

Better to present to the Net surfersThe presentation 
You absolutely wanted to appear in the first results for the expression “Referencing”. So you have hidden somewhere in your page something like “SEO, SEO, SEO, SEO, SEO, (350 times in a row)” telling you that your page would become very relevant to that word. As you are lucky, it worked and you were not thrown into the sandbox(you are really lucky!) Bravo! You are among the first results! People search for “SEO” and Google offers them in the first place an excerpt from your site that includes the word sought. This is obviously your famous phrase that has 350 times that word. Who do you think will interest you? Your desperate efforts to make yourself interesting are obvious to anyone and do not play in your favor (sniff!).

If you insist on using the principle of repetition to gain relevance (which we do not really recommend …) be a little smarter and enter a phrase like “……… ………………. Easily improve your SEO ……………………… .. Easily improve your SEO ……………………….. Easily improve your SEO ……….. ………………, etc. “. Dotted lines being counted as characters, Google will probably cut your sentence in the middle of two sets of dots. The user will not see that your sentence has been repeated several times. He will see only one sentence that you have studied to have a strong attractiveness, and this sentence will be framed by dots to which he will probably not attach importance.

In the same spirit, attach the greatest importance to the titles of your pages. They will appear in bold in the search results and are your showcase. Your titles must ABSOLUTELY be different for each page. They must reflect the actual content of the page and be attractive.

The text entered in the description tag is often used by the engines to summarize the content of your page. It is also a showcase for you. Complete and treat this text using Relevance Spirit as needed .

Names of pagesThe names of the site / pages
The words in your URLs are considered by search engines as a content indicator. The site name “” will earn you places for all searches with the word “potato”. The words used in the page names are also taken into consideration.

Add contentThe chips
You see the small blue turquoise ball above, just before the title “The chips”? This is called a chip. Apart from the fact that this small image is more sympathetic than a single dash, it allows you, for each paragraph, to record one or two keywords in its “Alt” area. If you can not fit in your text all the synonyms of the words for which you want to be sure to be indexed, this little tip can help you. Exploiting “Alt” zones is particularly useful in pages that have little text and lots of images. These pages may not be correctly indexed due to lack of material. Add them matter! To optimize the exploitation of the “Alt” zones,.

Get inspired by othersCheat on your neighbors
Site X gets a better ranking than you when your site is much better? Go to the page of your competitor, click on the right button of your mouse and make “Save the target under …”. Once the page is saved on your PC, open it with RelevanceSpirit and see how your competitor managed their keywords and relevance. Serve yourself !

Give yourself chancesEvolve your site
People like sites that constantly evolve. Search engines too. The more content you add, the more likely you are to have words searched by users. Sites that evolve are examined more often by search engines. Your site must have more than 100 pages of quality content to pretend to settle in and last in the best search results. At work !

Quality of linksCheck and refresh your links
Experience shows that Google places a high value on the quality and validity of links coming out of your site. That a link is incorrect and Google will deduce that your page is obsolete and without interest. Check your links regularly to make sure they are pointing to valid URLs. The free tool ” Xenu ” will allow you to check all the links of all the pages of your site in a single operation

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