6 Major Advantages Of Digital Marketing

Do you know why the investments in digital marketing exceeded in 2016 exceeded those in traditional marketing? How email marketing natural referencing commercial links, remarketing display ads but also blogging, video marketing have become essential of all modern communication strategies. if you seek the answer we have synthesized here the 6 main reasons but there are many others.

The promise of performance marketing

Is not it the dream of every entrepreneur to pay only if there are results? We still have to agree on the result because on the internet there is a lot of different “result” depending on what we measure and what we bill. The famous KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

In itself the idea seems generous and effective, in reality it is much more confused. For example Google adwords considers that the performance of its ads is to bring visitors to your site … while for you it will bring visitors whose shopping cart is greater than the cost.

As you will have understood, the definition of our objective and thus the implementation of the resulting KPIs are the preliminary phase to the success of this performance marketing.

You have to know sometimes not to burn the steps because before looking for ROI (Return on Investment) must already have a minimum of visibility and notoriety.

What is certain is that the culture of performance has definitely replaced the culture of the medium.


In webmarketing practically everything can be quantified with KPIs and it is one of the few sectors of the economy where full transparency in the monitoring of our actions is possible. We must, we service providers share with our customers this transparency and together take a step back from this profusion of metrics. Because the danger is sometimes to be drowning in a stream of data and to forget the essence of our mission: to serve a customer.

We must also accept to err and especially remember that we can only improve what we can measure .

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Webmarketing has a very nice feature of being able to do many tests in real time and reduce error areas. Whether it’s user-group testing or A / B testing, there are plenty of different ways to test an idea and remember only the best performing one for our audience.

For example if you hesitate on several communication stimuli to sell your product, make multiple ads on adwords and put them all in competition. Since Google charges only clicks, you can count on it to show users what ads they like the most. Once this work is done, you now know how to decline on your blog, your social networks and in your emails the most powerful sentences.

If you’ve made a mistake or have another idea, changing your campaign will not take you more than a few minutes. If you compare to a newspaper ad or worse on TV or radio …

Financial accessibility

In theory there is no market at the entrance to do digital marketing. Finally … it’s true in fact but is it reasonable?

What can we expect from an underestimated campaign? For example if 500 € is enough to test a keyword idea, the impact on the company’s turnover may be anecdotal. If the average keyword is around 0.50 € you bring back 1000 visitors on the month which is already good considering your budget. If the site converted to 1% this should therefore make you 10 sales. This will probably have a good ROI but to really change the life of your turnover we can see that we have to have a much higher budget in fact.

You also have to be careful not to sprinkle your budget among all available webmarketing channels and that not all of them are strong enough to be effective. For example, make a Facebook campaign with only 2 or 3 impressions per day, both on twitter and Linkedin. In short, you would be everywhere … and nowhere.

Investing in advertising in France in 2016

Source SRI IREP 2016. You can read the latest report on the SRI e-pub observatory on this link .

A very large audience

It is the clean Internet where growth continues to be made in terms of the number of people buying on the net or at least preparing its purchases on the net. This concerns both those of you who sell in B to C than those selling in B to B. The audience no longer has a geographical border and the world becomes your market visibility (well not that much because the engines of research still show a national preference)

The Internet audience and largely equivalent in quantity to the television audience and it is not a coincidence that in 2016 the investments put in the digital have exceeded for the first time the star of the advertising that television.

Tools to improve and test

We can practically know everything about the use that users make of our emails, or our sites. Google analytics will provide us with valuable information on where we are coming from, but tools like hotjar will provide us with heat maps to study where they click, what they look for, what makes them hesitate in filling out a form.

Once all these data are collected we must now imagine alternatives and with tools like optimizely or a / btasty or Unbounce we can propose different scenario to our visitors and measure the one in their favor.

There are many tools to do these tests and these measures and they have become very accessible technically and financially.

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